Suburban Casuals began as a small clothing store for women in 1967.


Suburban Casuals was originally located in south Scranton on Cedar Avenue in 1969.  At that time it was not uncommon to see the whole family working in the store on a Saturday.  Over the years the store has employed four generations of the family, from grandparents (who tailored dresses on weekends), parents, sisters, and most recently the next generation.

By utilizing the proximity of many of the local dress factories in Scranton, Suburban was able to offer competitive pricing plus a great selection to many throughout the area.  Eventually the business grew and several more locations were opened including: Wilkes Barre, Clarks Summit, Vestal, Edwardsville, Hazleton and our current location on route 6 in Dickson City.

As we pass 50 years in business we often look back at the evolution of our store.  Particularly with the addition of many more departments such as a full Menswear department, men’s and ladies shoes, swimwear, accessories and nursing uniforms.  With these new additions we became so much more than just a great place to find a dress, but a fashionable store in which anyone can find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

As we most recently celebrated our 50th year in business, we thank you, our customers, for keeping us around.  Here’s to the next 4 generations to come!

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